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Save time and organize meetings with Doodle scheduling directly from Outlook.

Cut out the endless emailing back and forth and find the best time to meet with Doodle. Whether you’re planning one-on-one client demos, quarterly board meetings, or entire conferences, Doodle has the tools you need to schedule any kind of meeting quickly and easily.

No need to waste time switching back and forth between platforms, the Doodle add-in has just arrived for Outlook.

Get the Doodle Add-in and streamline your workflow with:

  • Quick access to all your Bookable Calendar links for effortless appointment scheduling
  • A comprehensive overview of all your meetings within Outlook
  • Easy-share links copy/paste directly into your emails
  • Jump-start group scheduling right from your inbox

*A Doodle Premium plan is needed to use the Doodle Add-in. Check out our pricing plans here:

What’s next in for the Doodle Add-in:

  • Create 1:1 meetings for quick one-on-one scheduling directly from your inbox
  • Create group meeting invitations without having to leave Outlook

Get started with the Doodle Add-in for Outlook today!

Възможности на добавката
Когато добавката се използва, тя
  • Може да изпраща данни през интернет
  • Тази добавка може да осъществява достъп до и да променя лични данни в активното съобщение, като например основния текст, темата, подателя, получателите и информацията в прикачените файлове. Тя може да изпрати тези данни на услуга на друг разработчик. Не могат да бъдат четени или променяни други елементи в пощенската ви кутия.
  • С един поглед