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 Excel add-in that can help you with configuring, reviewing, and uploading your files to Spark

Spark Assistant is an Excel add-in that can help you with configuring, reviewing, and uploading your files to Spark.  A valid Spark license is required in order to access the Spark Assistant. Please contact Coherent in order to purchase or renew your Spark license.

Some of the exciting features include: 

·         Comparing the open Excel file with a file uploaded to Spark,  

·         Ability to perform a quick upload to Spark and generate an API,  

·         Performing a variance analysis on rate tables, along with many other ideas.  

Възможности на приложението

Когато това приложение се използва, то
  • Може да чете или извършва промени във вашите документи
  • Може да изпраща данни през интернет

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