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Microsoft 365 Certified
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AMS is a Microsoft 365 certified solution designed to streamline asset management for companies.

Asset Management System (AMS) is like a helpful tool approved by Microsoft 365 that makes it easy for companies to keep track of their stuff.

SharepointEmpower's AMS, a Microsoft 365 certified cloud-based product, this software is like a super helpful tool for keeping track of all your valuable stuff. It makes it easy to find out where things are, how much they cost, and when they need to be renewed. Whether it's physical things like equipment or digital stuff like software, the software automates the whole process of managing them. From the moment you get an asset to when it's time to retire it, the software records everything and gives you regular updates and reports. So basically, it's like a smart assistant that takes care of all your important things effortlessly.

Our best feature is that we've integrated the Asset Management System intoMicrosoft Teams as a personal tab. Also, our product supports multiple languages,so people around the world can use it in their preferred language.

Key components of Asset Management System:

  • Home

    • Assign asset
    • Return assets
    • Bulk assets
    • Request assets
    • Scanner

  • Inventory

    • Asset Inventory
    • Booking Inventory

  • Dashboard
  • Booking

    • Book Asset
    • Booked Details

  • Wishlist
  • Admin

    • MasterData

    • Email

      • Email Notification
      • Custom Email

    • Kit Management

    • User Management

    • Asset Logs

    • Kit Logs

    • Custom fields

  • Reports

    • Assets

      • Assets Maintenance
      • Verification

    • Inventory Reports

      • Current Stock Report
      • Userwise Inventory Report

Advanced feature:

Our Asset Management System (AMS) seamlessly works with MS Teams, making it easy for your team to use. You can access it on different devices through MS Teams, connecting directly with your team for any questions about assets. The system is made for convenience, allowing smooth collaboration within your team and improving accessibility.

Our AMSalso provides personalized email notifications, detailed reports for better analytics, and a user-friendly dashboardto monitor all asset activities efficiently.

Upgrade your asset management get our Asset Management System today for streamlined processes, improved analytics, and easy integration, giving you better control over your assets.

This App Includes:

  • Support for SharePoint "Webpart" and "Full-page" web part components.
  • Additional purchase may be required.

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