emSigner SharePoint

от eMudhra Limited

emSigner is a digital workflow platform that offers automated paperless digital signing experience.

emSigner for SharePoint facilitates sending documents from SharePoint seamlessly to the emSigner platform that automates document signing and approval workflows. Designed for businesses, it streamlines the process of sending, reviewing, approving, and signing documents. The platform offers a flexible and user-friendly interface, allowing administrators to create custom document workflow templates and map signers to the document.

emSigner supports multi-party signatures, sequential signing, and online document storage using connectors. It emphasizes security with universally accepted PKI technology, ensuring confidentiality and authentication of signed data. By leveraging emSigner, businesses can significantly reduce the need for physical papers and manual efforts.

“eMudhra’ s emSigner is a digital signature platform that combines powerful workflow and Digital Signature capabilities for end-to-end digital transaction management.\n Using emSigner on SharePoint: The solution has to be added manually to any new site as it will not deploy to the complete tenant. The emSigner Basic plan comes with 30 days trial version will be created for free. After the completion of free trial, a paid subscription is mandatory. Please visit for more information \n For support please contact

SPFx Package Component: The "emSigner SharePoint" app offer comprises a SharePoint Online SPFX package which contains a list view command set that expose.

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