Zoho WorkDrive for Email

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Boost productivity with the Zoho WorkDrive for Email

The Zoho WorkDrive for Email helps you:

Save email attachments

Upload files directly to WorkDrive without leaving Microsoft Outlook.

Archive email conversations

Keep copies of your email conversations as EML (electronic mail format) files in WorkDrive.

Share files from WorkDrive

Share any WorkDrive files (with no size limit) as secure links in email conversations, and keep your collaborators updated on the latest changes.

Note: Zoho WorkDrive for Email is supported for all WorkDrive plans, which include team (Starter, Team, and Business) and individual plans.

About Zoho WorkDrive:

Zoho WorkDrive is an online file storage and collaboration tool for modern teams. Redefine your file storage and sharing process by bringing team members and their files together. Contribute to tasks, stay in touch with team members, and keep track of progress, no matter where you are.

Built-in office suite

Create impressive work with Zoho's built-in office suite applications: Writer, Sheet, and Show.

Team Folders

A Team Folder provides a dedicated virtual space to store and collaborate on files for a particular project, purpose, or department.

Granular access

Zoho WorkDrive enables your team to set clearly defined roles and responsibilities, so everyone knows what their responsibilities are and has appropriate access to files and data.

External sharing

Share your team files with individuals or groups outside your organization while retaining control over the original documents. You can create multiple links to share a file with different stakeholders, set link properties (such as password, expiration date, and download permission), and track who's accessed or downloaded the file.

Advanced admin controls

Get an overview of everything your team is working on, directly from your Admin Dashboard. With clearly defined roles and permissions, it's easy to manage team members and files. You can also easily export team activity reports for auditing and legal purposes.


Zoho WorkDrive is available for free of cost for individual users.

For teams and businesses, WorkDrive offers the following three plans.

STARTER - $2.50/user /month billed annually

TEAM - $4.50/user /month billed annually

BUSINESS - $9/user /month billed annually

For more details on the pricing, please visit

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