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Waterfall chart comes with features variance analysis, number formatting & conditional formatting.

The xViz Waterfall Chart comes with highly customizable features like variance analysis, number formatting & conditional formatting. The Waterfall Chart supports all kinds of quantitative analysis to promote financial insights and includes options to set interim and final balances in different forms of revenue statements for Revenue Analysis.


- Variance Analysis

- Data label customization – choose between different data labels formats

- Drilldown capabilities

- Breakdown scenario

- Deviation Display – analyze different between any 2 columns

- Axis Break – Auto scaling for better viewing capabilities

- Interim Balances – Display totals/ subtotals at any point in the chart

- Display Final Balance

- Horizontal and Vertical Orientation

- Summary Table – One click toggle to tabular view of chart data


1. Revenue Analysis by Region can be done using the Cascade Chart

2. Finance Analysis can be done efficiently by deriving insights from Profit and Loss Statements in Waterfall Chart

3. Expenses Analysis by Cost Center can be performed to improve Businesses

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