Multi Company Automation for Dynamics 365 Finance

от Avantiico

Multi-Company Automation tool for companies with multiple legal entities in Dynamics 365 Finance

Automate and simplify the complex accounting tasks across your company’s legal entities with Avantiico’s Multi-Company Solution, built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance.

Avantiico’s Multi-Company Solution provides teams with a powerful suite of features to manage large scale and centralized accounting operations for multi-company businesses.

The accounting software automates all the manual and time-consuming accounting tasks including creating and managing new legal entities, data migration, journal posting, and data validation, saving your finance team thousands of hours and eliminating human errors. Whether you have 5, 25, or 500+ legal entities within your company, the Multi-Company Solution will streamline your accounting team’s day-to-day tasks, so they can focus on valuable analytical work.

Key Features of our Multi-Company Solution:

· Streamlined multi-company journal automation: Execute, validate, and post multi-company journals seamlessly within a single Dynamics 365 Finance journal

· Simplified creation of new legal entities: Rapidly create unlimited new legal entities with an easy-to-use and user-friendly experience

· Centralized and secure inquiries and reports: Set up granular access controls and manage inquiries or reports for any number of legal entities simultaneously

· Robust integration framework: Data and journals are imported from 3 party software including credit card data, payroll, expenses, EDI, banking

Speed up month-end closing, provide accurate real-time financial reporting, and optimize productivity for your accounting team with Avantiico’s Multi-Company Solution.

Standard Reports in the Multi Company Automation solution;

  1. Global Voucher Transactions
  2. Global Ledger Transactions list
  3. Global Customer to Ledger Reconciliation
  4. Global Vendor Aging
  5. Global Customer Aging
  6. Global Trial Balance
  7. Global Outstanding Checks
  8. Global Item
  9. Global Route
  10. Etc.

Avoid expensive connectors and utilize standard Integrations included in Avantiico's Multi Company Automation tool:
  1. ADP Salaries
  2. ADP Month end Accruals
  3. ADP Hours
  4. Concur Expense Management
  5. Zoho Expense Management
  6. Etc.

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