HindSight Basic Cloud Offering

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HindSight records audio, SMS, video, events and more, and makes it easy to find and play records.

HindSight cloud-based multimedia logging recorder supports over 80 different integrations while adhering to standards including the NG911 i3 standard. HindSight captures and archives all communications data it receives including audio from radio or phone, text messages, screen video, events, and associated metadata.

Adaptable & IT-Friendly

HindSight is intuitive, scalable, responsive, secure, and field-proven with installations ranging in size and complexity. The solution is 100% software-based; the modular architecture and multiple deployment options enable customers to record in distributed environments. It is also designed to be IT-friendly with a significant degree of security built into the software that meets the latest Cybersecurity requirements. Built-in real-time fault monitoring is included with every recorder.

Share Recorders (Costs) Without Sharing Data

A single recorder (and associated costs) can be shared across multiple departments or organizations while only allowing appropriate access to recordings. The HindSight 4 Security model enables a multi-tenant environment where each organization is logically separated, and each user is only able to access recordings within that organization based on their permissions. Depending on the organization’s needs, users can:

  • Access all those records in one place,
  • Access only a portion of them from one place, or
  • Access records from one specific location.

Tools You Need, At Your Fingertips

Find a record, tag, bookmark, export or download it, and redact sensitive information—within the same software window. Visualize interactions on a map using ESRI, Google Maps, or Bing Maps. The powerful search, filter, tagging, and bookmarking features mean that staff can find what they’re looking for quickly.

Behind the Scenes

The HindSight system is a Windows Server-based platform that can operate as a single or multiple “servers” to provide an entire solution. The solution looks like a single entity to end-users and is composed of several components that consist of a Microsoft SQL Database, some core services and N number of “acquisitions”, which are the services that communicate to the phone, or radio systems or other systems to be recorded. These services can operate on a single system or can be spread across multiple systems in a distributed fashion to provide any needed level of scalability.

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