Loan Origination R3

от PT Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi

Loan Origination System is a part of CONFINS as Indonesian leading core system for finance company

CONFINS has 4 integrated modules: Loan Origination System, Loan Management System, Collection Management, and Asset Management System.

Loan Origination System is one of CONFINS’ main modules that integrate all multi-step process in every potential loan that borrowers have to go through to earn their desired loans. This process is especially important for parties that are involved in loan borrowing activities. Loan origination consists of several continuous steps. From Pre-qualification phase, Loan application, Application screening, Terms negotiation, Application finalization to Loan approval and funding.

PT Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi is a market leader that own 57% of the market share in Indonesia, we are proud to say that we as core system providers is proven with an outstanding result of 100% implementation success. We are experienced in handling a large number of transactions and traffic of corporate giants, with more than 300 branches and subbranches, Handling 8,5 million customer with our system, 2.5 million active agreement. CONFINS also supports a multi variance of the business line, from customer finance, Finance leasing, and Islamic financing.

Grow Your Business with The Leading Core System In Financing Industry.

Achieve Business Growth, Operation Excellence, and Regulation Compliance With Integrated Core Financing System. Starting from application process, credit scoring, appraising collateral, until loan funding has been considered and thought out thoroughly by our teams of experts.

Self Custom - In the financing industry, business development is moving dynamically, the term “time is money” is not just words, it’s the reality that they have to face. Every company need to adapt to their own consumer behaviour while stay in the path of Financial Services Authority’s (OJK) regulations. With CONFINS R3, you can customise your own core system without re-programming and lower your time to market exponentially. 

High Mobility Oriented - In this ever–changing world of technology, mobility is one of the keys to enhance your business process. Working anytime and anywhere is not the future, it is now. CONFINS R3 was created to support access not just from desktop but from mobile device too. Our system architecture has been designed to be mobile and easily accessed from anywhere in order to make your business process more efficient and simpler.

Open Integration - Facing the rapidly changing business challenges, an adaptive and powerful core system platform is needed to support your dynamic needs. CONFINS.R3 is able to be easily integrated with various third-party applications and government institutions to make your ideal Enterprise Resource Planning Software.

Operation & Analytics Dashboard - Business process transparency is needed in order to make a healthier business environment. Print out your system generated report and analyse your own company’s performance in a flash. High level overview will be displayed and you can double check it with your existing report. With this transparent analytical dashboard, fraud and fake report will be reduced drastically. 

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