Metro Unified Comms

Retail Manager Solutions Limited

Metro Unified Comms is RMS' employee engagement module within their Metro software suite

Metro is the leading digital workplace solution, designed to be easily accessible to all cross-functional teams via smartphones, tablets and desktops. Metro's Unified Comms module provides an alternative to traditional tools to manage distributed businesses, it enables enhanced communication, collaboration, compliance and control. Unified Comms enables organisations to:
• Remove islands of data and have a single version of the truth
• Collaborate on assets, projects and tasks
• Gain real-time visibility as to the status of tasks and operational compliance
• Enable constant improvement, insight & learning to streamline process & effect change expediently
Unified Comms delivers communication to specific end-users and displays them in role-specific interfaces, chronologically ordered and in the context of how the user needs to interact with it. Unified Comms enables targeting and audience selection to any endpoint of the hierarchy in your organisation, be that a head office department user, store manager, field manager or the CEO.
Metro Unified Comms includes the following functionality:-
  • Content Management - All types of content types are supported, Word, Excel, PDF, Video, Voice, Messages, Social Media etc
  • Content Widgets enable the business users to publish content to specific homepages and content containers.
  • Planner functionality provides a daily, weekly view of key dates, actions, notes etc
  • Task widgets highlight key tasks that are due on that day, plus any outstanding tasks and those to prepare for.
  • Survey tools provide the ability to set up targeted and ongoing surveys for location/store completion
  • Messaging provides an alternative to using email. Additionally, instant messaging is also available 
  • Voice function with the ability to leave voice messages for individuals and groups and host conference calls with on demand reply available to attendees unable to attend.
  • The Vault provides a secure way to share key information and files within Unified Comms.
  • The Forms Generator provides enhanced features over that of Surveys providing a powerful workflow engine, with conditional questions, question calculation and alerts.
  • Journal is a configurable electronic diary for the recording of daily events,
  • Directory provides an easy to use contact directory
  • The KPI toolset can display key business data and can be updated in real time
  • Homepage Designer is the tool that enables easy personalisation of homepages
  • League Ladders offer a further extension of the KPI toolset
  • Compliance Dashboards show real time compliance across the estate
  • Automated Reporting provides the ability to automate bulk publishing of content, business reports, marketing information etc.
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