Wandera Mobile Threat Defense

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Gain visibility and mitigate risks across all mobile endpoints.

Gain visibility and mitigate risks across all mobile endpoints. Security teams worldwide rely on Wandera’s leading endpoint and in-network protection to provide comprehensive security against device, app, network and content risks.
Cloud services and mobility have completely changed the way employees work, providing speed and flexibility in accessing information, but also exposing enterprises to new threat vectors, including: mobile-based malware, phishing, cryptojacking, man-in-the-middle attacks, sideloaded and leaky apps. As your employees go mobile, so does your data.
A comprehensive mobile security solution needs to address both endpoint and network level threats to provide optimal security.

Powerful Endpoint Security
Prevent your mobile endpoints from being compromised. Protect your data against the broadest range of threats.
  • Monitor endpoints for vulnerabilities, from escalated privileges to outdated OSs.
  • Perform continuous app risk assessments for advanced detection of malware and risky applications.
  • Detect MitM attacks and open a failsafe VPN tunnel to ensure business continuity.

Real-Time Prevention of Network Attacks
Stop attacks from reaching your mobile endpoints in the first place with our dynamic Secure Access Layer (SAL).
  • Protect against known and zero-day phishing threats.
  • Stop malicious downloads and connections to third-party app stores. Prevent date exfiltration and command-and-control attacks.
  • Monitor for data leaks and prevent sensitive data loss. Safeguard user privacy with added encryption.

Adaptive Access to Your Sensitive Cloud Applications
Apply a continuous risk assessment of mobile endpoints before enabling access. If an endpoint is compromised or at high risk, access can be denied.
  • Wandera’s risk assessments are constantly updated, even between active user sessions.
  • MI:RIAM, our advanced threat intelligence engine, monitors the broadest range of cyber risk indicators.
  • Our numerous UEM and SIEM integrations, including with Microsoft Endpoint Manager / Intune, enable you to automatically apply risk-based access policies for your mobile endpoints.

The Wandera Security Cloud protects enterprises at the new edge, where data is in the cloud and users are remote. Unified security capabilities include threat protection, content filtering, and zero-trust network access.
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