DSI Print Envoy


Print Envoy provides a quick method for linking D365 to popular enterprise labeling platforms.

Instantly Print Enterprise-Grade Labels Directly from the D365 for Finance & Operations Interface and WHS Mobile
DSI Print Envoy provides a quick and simple method for linking D365 to many of the most popular enterprise labeling platforms, including DSI Enterprise Printing Platform (EPP), Bartender, Loftware, NiceLabel, TekLynx and CodeSoft. Print Envoy’s seamless integration into D365 and flexible configuration options make for a pain-free, rapid implementation.

Versatile Integration Options
DSI Print Envoy integrates with all the most common enterprise labeling solutions, allowing you to create a seamless flow of communication and transactions to optimize your printing workflow.

Print Envoy Features
• Automated setup tools make it easy to configure Print Envoy as you use D365 for Finance & Operations.
• Dynamics data integration ensures everything D365 for Finance & Operations knows about your inventory is available to send to labels—even your own custom fields.
• Establish context-sensitive rules to dynamically determine label routing and printing selection.
• Enhance Advanced Warehouse (WHS) mobile device processes with enterprise-grade label printing.
• Powerful, yet easy-to-use API provides the ability to set print actions anywhere in Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations that you (or your VAR) wish, with a single line of code.
• Print Envoy’s Courier Service allows for transmission of labels to remote servers both in the cloud and on-premise.
• Print Envoy adds buttons to forms that you want to print from. Makes printing very easy.

Print Envoy Print Handlers
The following Print Envoy print handlers are included. Additional print handlers can be easily created.
1. PO Receipt Item Registration Confirmation 
2. PO Receipt Item Registration
3. Advanced Warehouse License Plate labels Button
4. Arrival Journal 
5. Count Journal 
6. Transfer Journal
7. Movement Journal 
8. Inventory Adjustment Journal
9. Production Pick Journal
10. Report Finished Journal
11. Picking Route Line Registration

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