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QuickBooks & Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration


DBSync’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Adapter bi-directionally syncs data with accounting system

DBSync for MS CRM Online/On-Premise & QuickBooks Desktop/Online Integration is an easy to use application to integrate MS CRM Accounts, Products, Opportunity Name, Sales Order, Invoice with QuickBooks Customers, Items, Job, Sales Order & Invoice. DBSync is also useful to migrate historical QuickBooks data into MS CRM Online/On-Premise or vice versa.


  1. Turn Key Solution
  2. Our adapter comes built with pre-loaded templates for your standard connections. This gets you up and running in about an hour so you can spend time focusing on what matters.
  3. Highly Customizable
  4. Our adapter supports, custom fields, custom entities, and the creation of custom mapping for unique or complex business processes.
  5. Automatic Updating
  6. DBSync supports automatic data synchronization between applications on an hourly, daily, or weekly.
DBSync provides bi-directional sync with pre-built field to field map along with flexibility for more complex and dynamic mapping capability. DBSync also has an automatic online update, enabling DBSync customers to enjoy all the product updates and features with every new release. Get started with the Free Trial!