Create personalized connections with prospects and customers via video emails directly in the CRM.

vidREACH enables organizations to record, send, and track video emails directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365. Streamline your outreach and get face-to-face with prospects and customers by recording and sending a personalized video email.
Users have the ability to use custom company branding and CTAs that drive better engagement. Every time a recipient engages with a video email by opening an email, playing a video, or clicking a CTA link, the action is added to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 records and displays within a custom dashboard so that you can track what works and what doesn’t.
vidREACH is the leading video email and sales engagement platform that allows users to get face-to-face with prospects and customers while creating personalized outreach that resonates. We help you non-robotically engage audiences via a medium they already engage with - video.
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