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Miro (formerly RealtimeBoard)

Realtimeboard Inc.

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Get updates about all the changes on your Miro boards right in Microsoft Teams

Miro (formerly RealtimeBoard) is a visual collaboration platform trusted by over 2 million users worldwide. Product managers, project managers, designers, developers, and other creatives use Miro to work on complex projects together. Miro enables teams to innovate faster and keeps everyone aligned and engaged in the product development process, from ideation to production.

Brainstorm ideas with your distributed team on a digital whiteboard as easily as if you were in the same room. Stay on the same page throughout the lifecycle of a project or sprint. Provide all your team members with a 360 degree view of your project, with the ability to also drill down into the details.

Miro works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams so you can get notifications from Miro right in Microsoft Teams. Collaborate on projects in Miro and receive all your mentions or comments directly in your Microsoft Teams Chat. Pushing activity from your Miro boards to Microsoft Teams allows everyone on your team to stay informed on feedback, reviews, and other important actions while going through your regular workflow.

You’ll receive notifications when any of the following activities occurs:

  • Someone comments on your board
  • Someone @mentions you in any comments (you’ll always know who needs your input and where on the boards)
  • A board is shared with you
  • Your invitees sign up (you’ll be able to easily track who on your team has signed up—and who hasn’t).

All mentions and team activities on the boards you own are added to the Chat section in Microsoft Teams in real time, and you can either respond to them instantly via a link or go through all the changes at once at the end of the day. Every board created in Miro can also be embedded natively into your Microsoft Teams tabs.

Miro for Microsoft Teams is available on all Miro plans. You must have an active Miro account in order to use the app.

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