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MailMaestro: AI email assistant for Outlook, speeding up mail management. Try for free today!

What if you could effortlessly summarize email conversations in Outlook and draft a quick response -- all within a minute?

With a free trial, you can experience MailMaestro as your personal AI email assistant which uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology for faster, higher-quality emails in your preferred tone. It's designed for professionals aiming to save time and for CTOs seeking secure AI usage in corporations. Serving as your copilot for HR, Finance, Procurement, R&D, Logistics, and Customer Service, it promises enhanced productivity and minimized data security breaches.

Key benefits:

1. Write emails 10x faster: Is going through your inbox taking too much of your time? You can boost your productivity up to 86% with our AI-powered tool, MailMaestro. Using GPT's cutting-edge technology, with just one click, you can get a quick summary of long email threads and compose or answer any emails in seconds.

2. Higher quality: Are you struggling to ensure consistent quality emails sent to your clients? Mail Maestro's AI increases sales department efficiency by crafting and sending high-quality, company-toned emails quickly, improving client relationships and engagement.

3. Personalizable: Struggling with AI tools that don't match your needs? Mail Maestro shapes its AI tool based on user feedback. We swiftly integrate with existing systems like CRMs. We work collaboratively, developing the features your company requires.

4. Enterprise-grade security: Did you know that your data is not safe when using many AI tools? 70% of professionals use ChatGPT for work, leaving you with risks of data security breaches. At MailMaestro, we adhere to strict security protocols, including the protection of your sensitive data so that no one has access to it - not even us.

How the Add-In works:

- Start by installing the Mail Maestro add-in in your Outlook.

- Either open any email or create a new message and click on the Mail Maestro add-in from your ribbon.

- Write a prompt imagining that you’re instructing an assistant who will write an email for you.

- Make it easier by using our Magic templates that will write the email for you.

- Or you can write your own email and let our AI improve your draft by using the Improve Writing feature.

- Voilà! Your copilot has now drafted you 3 versions of your desired email that you can choose from.


- Mail Maestro works with most versions of Outlook that allow add-ins for Office: Outlook Web App and Office 2016 for Windows and Mac.

- If you are having issues launching MailMaestro, reach us at

Pricing Information:

- This Add-in contains in-app purchases for the monthly subscription. The paid service allows usage of all features.

- A 2-week free-trial is available to try all features.

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