Copilot For Microsoft 365 Adoption Accelerator Workshop

Changing Social LTD

Welcome the future with Microsoft Copilot & AI – your path to revolutionary productivity starts here with our free adoption accelerator workshop!

This engagement, focused on identifying high-value scenarios and establishing both technical and organisational baselines, is tailored to guarantee your organisation's successful adoption of Microsoft 365 Copilot – all at no additional cost.

It's engineered to improve collaboration, increase efficiency, build teamwork, and prepare you for the AI era. Best of all, this powerful tool is offered completely free of charge, ensuring you reap these benefits without any financial commitment.

Empowering these scenarios is Microsoft Copilot, a tool designed to significantly enhance your organisation's operations.

Service Description

Hour 1-2: Microsoft 365 Copilot Adoption Kick-Off, Confirm Scenarios and Onboarding Wizard Hour 2-4: Adoption Planning Summary, Assemble Your Team, Establish Success Measures and Monitoring Success, Engagement strategy, Build Training Strategy, Build your Early Adopter and Champions Programme Hour 4-6: Build Center of Excellence, Train Early Adopters and Champs, Deliver Awareness Communications (Ongoing), Deliver Rapid Training (Ongoing), Community and End-User Engagement (Ongoing), Monitor Adoption Success (Ongoing), Feedback and Success Story Sharing (Ongoing), Report and Recommendations

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