Epiq Compliance Cloud Migration with Microsoft Purview

Epiq Global

Epiq provides a seamless and compliant transition of valuable archive data off legacy technology, while mitigating risks and maintaining regulatory compliance harnessing Microsoft Purview.

Epiq’s advisory services allow organizations to migrate archive data securely and compliantly - moving only essential data to the cloud while reducing overall data volumes, driving efficiency and cutting overall data lifecycle management costs. We help you leverage Microsoft Purview and move fully into Microsoft 365.

We specialize in legally compliant data migration, utilizing our extensive experience to uniquely focus on legal workflows and prevent data loss.

Migration services overview: • Ensure secure migration, prevent data loss by capturing legal holds, retention, & compliance policy requirements. • Support customers in configuring the destination Microsoft 365 tenant to meet these requirements. • Handle specific external data by scanning, labeling, and integration with Microsoft technologies. • Provide expert advisory on supporting Microsoft Purview technologies.

Unlike other data migration vendors, we ensure a defensible archive data migration and prevent accidental data deletion by understanding legal requirements and configuring the destination tenant properly for legal hold and compliance purposes. We stand out with our hyper focus on legal and compliance related workflows, a niche that sets us apart from other vendors, and we have over a decade of experience in this specialized domain.

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