Audit and Security Manager

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Ensure compliance standards, reduce management complexity and increase the security of your systems

As your all-in-one security and audit solution for Dynamics AX, Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, Argano's Audit and Security Manager simplifies audit preparation and security management by offering a host of functionality and pre-configured data sets to reduce time spent on these activities by more than half. This product can be leveraged by the internal or external auditor, security administrator as well as the business user to quickly and intuitively provide accurate insights around access controls, Segregation of Duties compliance, and data auditing - all centralized and using the native Dynamics 365 interface.

Audit and Security Manager simplifies and automates much of the reporting, which can help to further protect your data, and ensure you’re completely prepared for external audits. You can:

  • Reduce security deployment times by intelligently defining roles and automating steps
  • Have confidence in complete and accurate security and audit reporting
  • Simplify access reviews with persona-based reporting
  • Reduce key staff involvement and free them to do other high value activities
  • Reduce preparation time for audits and reporting with pre-configured Separation of Duties (SoD) and audit trail controls
  • Reduce cost associated with licensing

​Contact us today to reduce the burden on your staff while increasing the security of your systems.

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