BPM and ERP Integration

Autor: SMART business LLC

We offer your company to implement process management based on Camunda BPM and Dynamics 365 FO.

Camunda integration with Dynamics 365 FO provides the customer with the ability to manage processes in the ERP from the Camunda BPM system. Thus business processes can partially or completely work in the BPM system and exchange data with the ERP.

The solution should relieve the customer of the “clumsiness” of an ERP-system in the field of process management, make it possible to formalize, change, control and optimize processes of any complexity and their elements, as well as provide a structured basis for accounting and working with data that is absent in the BPM system.

The solution enables getting a level of company management that is qualitatively different from what ERP and BPM platforms enable separately

The solution is for Enterprise- and Corporate-level organizations the goals of which are:

  • To build a unified centralized business process management system.
  • To model the scenarios for the work of business processes and the data used, which enables designing effective processes that are performed both inside and outside of software systems.
  • To build a system of KPI processes and monitor their achievement at all levels of the company's organizational structure.
  • To identify and eliminate bottlenecks in processes (“continuous improvement”).
  • To focus company processes on changing market requirements and the capability of changing processes "on the fly" without reimplementing systems.  

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