Virto Marketplace for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Virto Marketplace for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Virto Marketplace for Dynamics 365

A Dynamics 365-native Online Marketplace Solution for B2B & B2C

Expand your digital business with Virto Marketplace, a multi-vendor online marketplace platform built to natively connect with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Virto Marketplace is one of the most advanced platforms that powers marketplace growth at scale.

Virto Commerce continues providing the industry’s most advanced technology to onboard new suppliers, manage and expand product catalogs, and provide customer support with quality and speed.

Seamless Connection with Dynamics 365

Seamlessly connect Virto Marketplace with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to expand your eCommerce and unlock new revenue streams. Virto Marketplace natively integrates with your eCommerce solution and allows you to focus on business growth. Virto is happy to offer intuitive technology to connect with your D365 eCommerce and with your sellers and customers

Excellent Customer Experience

Your eCommerce customers are demanding more. Provide an excellent customer experience with a marketplace solution and meet customer expectations at their convenience. Start differentiating and beating the competition and build your community of buyers and sellers thus increasing the transaction volume and usage in your marketplace by offering a better experience.

Multi-Channel Complex Scenarios

Provide different business scenarios of any complexity on the web, mobile, through chatbots to your sellers and buyers. Meet your customers where they are and deliver a true omnichannel experience.

Virto Marketplace Features

Launch your online marketplace today with features built for B2B eCommerce operations

Virto Marketplace provides a broad range of features for marketplace owners/operators, vendors with many benefits for the end user.

  • Personalized Digital Catalog Management
Rich digital catalog management functionality with flexible taxonomy and personalized availability.
  • Vendor Portal
Flexible access management for everything, allow the seller's users to manage products, categories, as well as supply chain.
  • Merchandising
Various options for cross-selling and up-selling including flexible management of products association lists and integration with AI recommendation services.
  • Pricing and Marketing for B2B & B2C
Offer customized pricing rules of any complexity for purchasing companies, so that each user sees his own products, prices, and promotions.
  • B2B Specific User Scenarios
Account-based pricing and marketing, flexible role-based management, customized or contract-based access to products and services, full access to business data in the cabinet.
  • B2C Specific User Scenarios
Anonymous checkout, coupons, subscriptions, social login, split shipments, and other B2C-specific features.
Launch your Virto-powered marketplace and seamlessly connect it with your Dynamics 365 eCommerce

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