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Sales and Contract Management Tool for the Food and Beverage Industry - leverage the power of AI

proCONTRACTS | Beverage is your new industry solution for the Food & Beverage industry.

In ever-changing and highly competitive markets manual and siloed contracting processes can lead to a competitive disadvantage. The growing complexity of manual processes and a scattered tool-landscape requires more agile and efficient approaches to contract management.

Unlock efficiency throughout the contract life cycle and sales process

The good news is – with proCONTRACTS | Beverage all common challenges in contract management like manual work, media disruptions, high error rates or time-consuming processes can be solved.
Purpose-built for Microsoft Dynamics 365® does it not only allow you to make the most of your existing IT investments but is also designed to streamline contract management and sales processes, saving you significant time on administrative work.

Enable your sales team to focus on what matters most – the customer.
Negotiate contracts with the customer based on SKU volumes, being able to have a real-time COI calculation on site. The mobile App will guide you through every step, leaving no questions open on managing loan devices, outlets and other contract parties or calculating amortizing loans.

proCONTRACTS | Beverage is an industry-specific contract management software add-on developed to meet the needs of the F&B industry.

How proCONTRACTS | Beverage helps you overcome industry specific challenges:

  • SKU based contract volumes.
  • Real-time COI calculation.
  • Manage loan devices (COI, depreciation).
  • Calculate amortizing loans.
  • Manage outlets and other contract parties.
  • Purpose-built applications (Canvas, MDA).
  • Streamline your entire sales process.
  • Adapt corporate design.

Watch the video to see proCONTRACTS | Beverage at work.

Leveraging the seamless integration with Dynamics 365, proCONTRACTS | Beverage provides a 360-degrees view on your contracts and all relevant connected metadata.

Customer Success Journey:

In everything we do we take a customer first approach. To ensure that the implementation of proCONTRACTS is a fully realized success we developed a program called FastStart. It allows you to adopt contract management in just 2 weeks with these steps:

1. Getting everyone on board at the Kickoff Session – so everyone knows what is going to happen and when.

2. The next step is for you to lean back – we install proCONTRACTS in 1 existing Dynamics 365 Tenant.

3. We train you on how to correctly use proCONTRACTS so you get the most out of it – while teaching you how to train your users, so they can be successful too.

4. Come back to us to ask questions, discuss challenges, and make adjustments as needed.

Alongside we provide great customer support for technical issues and questions.

You want a closer look at the functionalities of proCONTRACTS | Beverage?
Dive into our overview in the Details + Support section to find out how proCONTRACTS | Beverage can support you throughout the entire contract life cycle.

Learn how Heineken Germany streamlined their sales and contract management with proCONTRACTS | Beverage. Download the Case Study for free.

You want to get to know proCONTRACTS first hand? Contact us and you’ll get your personal login so you can test the software for free!

You rather want to talk to one of our proCONTRACTS | Beverage specialists to evaluate your specific situation? Request a free Demo.

Good to know:

proCONTRACTS is the core and base of proCONTRACTS | Beverage.

To use proCONTRACTS | Beverage your organization needs Dynamics 365 CE or Power Platformuser licenses as well as proCONTRACTS licenses.

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