Hitachi Solutions for Loyalty Management

Autor: Hitachi Solutions Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Hitachi Solutions Loyalty Management Solution drives repeat buying behavior and customer engagement

Hitachi Loyalty Management Solution helps businesses improve customer engagement. Business can set up as many loyalty tiers (such as Platinum, Gold, Silver) as they wish. In the system, a company can determine what actions are needed in order for customers to gain access to a specific tier (e.g. making x number of purchases; making x dollar amount of purchases, etc.). Also, each tier can have a number of rewards that are exclusive to that tier – for instance, discounts on purchases, free items included in purchase, etc.

A loyalty program is a valuable tool for signaling your appreciation for a customer’s business, and for encouraging repeat purchases. The Loyalty Management Solution provides businesses with an end-to-end loyalty program management system, offering in-depth data insight and analytics.

Personalize awards rules and tiers to include points per dollar spent and create rewards based on purchasing habits. Automatically award points and update point balance with every sale from various channels including web, POS, in-store, and phone orders.

Promotions Management define point redemption rules to fit your program goals, including ranges for dollar spending limits, quantities, start and end dates, participating channels, and discount rules that will be applied to orders.

The Loyalty Management Solution track customer buying patterns, communications with your brand, service history, and complaint management in one central location that displays loyalty balances and enrollment information, awards, and preferences. It also empower your customers to check award balances on the web, claim reward points for missing transactions, update their profile including address and other attributes, and redeem awards. Its robust dashboards provide at-a-glance views of reports and analytics to gain insight into average award size by award tier, average spend by award tier, advanced customer profiling, and more.

Loyalty Management helps retailers emphasize their focus on the customer by providing superior customer care, retaining customer loyalty, and understanding customer needs.

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