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Drag, drop, and upload images onto any record in your CRM

Have you ever wanted to add images to a record, and be able to see those images right on the main form when you open the record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Well, search no more! PowerPhoto provides Microsoft Dynamics CRM users the ability to drag and drop, or upload images onto any type of CRM record, and view those images right when they open the record, with no additional clicks.


  • Each PowerPhoto area can support one or multiple images
  • If you choose to view multiple images, you can view thumbnails of the image, or scroll through the images
  • Have one PowerPhoto control, or multiple PowerPhoto controls per CRM record
  • PowerPhoto can be added to any entity in CRM, even custom entities
  • PowerPhoto supports .png, .jpg, .jpeg, and .gif photo types

Don't Forget To Register Your Add-On!

Once the PowerPack add-on is imported into your CRM, make sure to register it! For instructions on how to register your PowerPack Add-on, check out the FAQ in the Learn More section below.

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