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Grow partners with through-channel marketing automation and partner relationship management (PRM)

ZiftONE is an all-in-one solution that provides partner relationship management (PRM), through-channel marketing automation (TCMA), and a learning management solution (LMS) for channel partners in a fully integrated platform. ZiftONE gives you a single source of truth to align your channel marketing, sales and operations like never before. All from a powerful, straightforward platform designed to multiply and amplify every partner’s potential.
With ZiftONE and the out-of-the-box integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365, the information you see and the data your team works from is the same whether in ZiftONE or in Dynamics 365. With ZiftONE for Dynamics 365, you get an app that is preconfigured and reduces complexity, enabling you to easily:
  • Manage deals and data within Dynamics 365
  • Manage partner groups and roles within Dynamics 365
  • Take advantage of turnkey installation to map ZiftONE fields to your Dynamics 365 fields
  • Grow your partner program and better manage partners
The integration will automatically update as new features are added to ZiftONE, offering a seamless experience. Our platform knows more about the channel – and drives more measurable channel success – than any other company. Find out why channel chiefs rely on Zift Solutions. Contact us to learn more today or visit

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