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Adactit File Handler


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Adactit File Handler App enables you to easily copy and move files across your SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is great for managing files. One barrier however is the lack of a user-friendly way to copy and move files. The File Handler App by Adactit enables you to easily copy and move files across your SharePoint Online platform. This app is a powerful add-on to the standard SharePoint Online features. We have built Adactit File Handler to add a user-friendly way for end-users to work smoothly with files in SharePoint Online, and removing the barrier for improving productivity in the organization using Office 365.

With the File Handler app from Adactit you will get:

  • Easy out-of-the-box copying and moving of files on SharePoint Online
  • A user-friendly and intuitive interface all users easily can use (see video)
  • Move or copy files from OneDrive for Business to SharePoint Online sites
  • Ability to move files across document libraries
  • Ability to move files across site collections
  • Works across browser and tabs, enabling you to work in different windows
  • Works with files above 2 MB
  • 14 days trial (max 100 Mb total allowed data transfer)

Licensing models include unlimited number of users – one license applies to all of your Office 365 SharePoint tenant:

  • Essentials: 30 EURO / month includes a total of 1 GB per month
  • Standard: 120 EURO / month includes a total of 10 GB per month
  • Business: 480 EURO / month includes a total of 100 GB per month
  • Enterprise: 1.900 EURO / month includes a total of 1 TB per month

We will improve the app and its functionality continuously. The next features in the road map are:

  • Package to ZIP function, allowing you to download large amounts of files with one click
  • Merge and package as PDF
  • Preserve Created By / Modified By data
  • Support for more languages

Supported languages:

  • English
  • Dansk

If you have other ideas and asks for functionality – please let us know on Yammer (https://www.yammer.com/adactitapps)