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Manage your tasks and projects easy using Gantt Chart view

Virto Gantt Chart for SharePoint Online is designed for displaying and managing SharePoint tasks in Gantt view.

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Virto Gantt Chart is highly customizable project planning solution, with this component SharePoint users get a simple and effective tool for displaying their tasks in online Gantt Chart – a popular type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule. Gantt Chart App is a nice and easy way to include online Gantt Chart into your resource planning SharePoint applications without having to install full blown project management application such as Microsoft Project.

With Virto Gantt Chart a SharePoint user can have all his tasks and subtasks in a single view, easily create and complete tasks, assign resources, edit timeframes and percentage of completion with just several clicks. You can customize elements of a diagram choosing size, color, etc to make the component ideally fit your SharePoint environment.

Key features of Gantt Chart:

-View list items in online Gantt chart

-Using SharePoint list as a data source

-Display several lists in one Gantt chart

-Editing (adding/moving/deleting/resizing) tasks/milestones directly in the Gantt chart

-Applying different timescales to view items (day, week, month, year)

-Scrolling Gantt chart to required period of time

-Scrolling to current day tasks

-Creating child tasks for selected tasks

-Changing task duration with drag and drop

-Adding task resources (users assigned to the task)

Release - added custom CAML filter

Release - added dynamic filters to filter tasks, based on the required fields conditions

Release - improved productivity and stability

Release - minor changes and bugs fixed

Release - list of changes below:

-If displayed period includes today, current time marker is displayed always.

-If displayed period includes today Gantt is automatically scrolled to today after initial loading.

-Colors in data source settings are saved in case of manual typing.

-Percent complete is displayed as percent in Gantt column.

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