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One-click analysis, statistical evaluation, narrative explanation

BeyondCore asks every question of your data, statistically validates every answer, and explains the story for everybody. Now. BeyondCore One-Click Analytics has been used by 23 of the Fortune 500 and has been mentioned in the New York Times, Gartner Magic Quadrant, Harvard Business Review, the Economist, Forbes, Fortune, etc. BeyondCore for Excel allows users to initiate an automated analysis of transactional data by just selecting the variable you want to understand, or graph on the vertical axis. BeyondCore then evaluates this variable across thousands of variable combinations to generate a story that walks users through key graphs and explains the key insights for each graph. BeyondCore for PowerPoint provides the story as a set of slides with auto-created speaker notes. BeyondCore for Word provides a written report of the story. It also recommends additional graphs the user may wish to add to the story with a single click. Users can also select any graph they want to see and BeyondCore conducts the appropriate statistical tests and adds a narrative explaining the key insights in the user-selected graph. Users can also initiate an analysis of a Big Data source from within BeyondCore for Word or PowerPoint.

Please note that your data is processed on the BeyondCore server on the cloud, and you will have to separately complete a free trial registration step when you first use the app.

Currently, BeyondCore Apps for Office only supports Internet Explorer v11 (as well as latest versions of Chrome and Firefox)

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