Utilidex | Energy Data Hub (Plus)

Utilidex Ltd

The Utilidex Excel Add-in allows customers of Utilidex to analyse their energy data

Like most industries, the energy sector has a wide range of data sources, which customers must bring together to form meaningful analysis.  

Whether you’re after energy price data, market demand figures, network charges or third party price/broker data, this data is often located in several different places, and in lots of different formats from pdfs, excel sheets & web pages.

The Utilidex | Energy Data hub (Plus) product brings this energy data, as well as your own customer data from the Hub, in a beautiful easy to use interface, direct into excel.  Saving you lots of time and effort in collating all of this data, meaning you can get on with the real task of valuable analysis and gaining insights to help drive business value.

We’re continually adding new data sources and improving the product, and you’ll get these automatically with nothing to change, nothing to install thanks to the latest technology.

For more information about the Utilidex | Data Hub (Plus), or to contact us about what data sources are available today and how you might add more, please visit or email us at

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