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Saketa Employee Directory - PRO


5.0 (2)

The Enterprise Directory Solution for SharePoint

Saketa, The Overall Best Office Apps Award Winner for Year 2018 and Best UI award in 2016 at MS Ignite, are specialists at bringing several business and IT functions to your SharePoint environment as plug and play SharePoint add-ins. We take pride in building intuitive products that are easy to use and highly configurable, to scale to user's specific needs. All our products are SharePoint Online and On-premises SharePoint 2013 / 2016 / 2019 compatible.

Saketa Employee Directory - PRO provides a clean and rich contact directory services (Employee Phone Book) to an organization's Intranet portal. With advanced search, filtering and presentation capabilities and a very easily configurable admin panel, this SharePoint add-in can be the ultimate solution for all organizations' contacts directory services needs. The Saketa Employee Directory PRO uses "SharePoint user profile" information as its source and hence will always be in sync with your Active directory/domain updates, if the SharePoint profile synchronization service is in place and configured right.

Saketa Employee Directory PRO offers all the feature set of the Saketa Employee Directory Add-in :

  • 01. Intuitive and very rich user experience.
  • 02. Employee Search control (app-part) to directly search (contacts search) a user from any page within the host site.
  • 03. Configurable themes and employee information presentation.
  • 04. Alphabetical index available for quick navigation.
  • 05. Ability to follow a profile or add to favorites (custom).
  • 06. Exclusion Filters in Settings to remove unwanted domains, users, external accounts or mailer groups.

And the following advanced features only in PRO:

  • 07. Admin to this SharePoint add-in has the ability to export the directory / filtered list view to Excel or PDF in a easy to comprehend tabular format.
  • 08. Presence indicators are available in plug-in supported browsers (IE-10 and below).
  • 09. Support for custom managed properties that are not available in SharePoint Search.
  • 10. Ability to provide user friendly display names for the "General Filters".
  • 11. Apply cascading "General Filters" that will help in easily refining the contacts list.
  • 12. Ability to copy or share the link to a filtered view after applying the "General Filters" .
  • An all new App-Part of Employee Directory with ability to present a filtered view on any page in host site. The App-part also comes with an index and search options that work within the scope of the current view.

Please enjoy the free trial for 15 days. Contact us at "Sales @Saketa.com" for an annual subscription to this product, any additional information or demo of the rich feature set this add-in offers.

Release Updates:

v1.0.1.0 - Fix for duplicate records in some cases where multiple filters are applied.

v1.0.2.0 - Fix for Access denied (403) error in O365 environment only, started after a recent Microsoft update.

v1.0.3.5 - Search refinement and UI enhancements

V1.1.0.0 - Bug fixes and improved responsiveness

V1.1.1.0 - Bug fixes and alignment of modules related to Responsiveness

V1.1.2.0 - Bug fixes and IE performance optimization