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Microsoft 365 App Award
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Transform your emails with powerful and flexible templates

Elevate your email templates with your own design, layout, graphics, and files. Improving your productivity with each email you send.

Ant Text Award 2019

Microsoft App Award winner for 2nd place in Best Overall app 2019
The Microsoft 365 App Awards recognize apps that provide an outstanding productivity experience, as nominated by its users. Best Overall App is given to apps that exhibit a mix of the best user experience, integration, and business value.


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Ant Text is made to solve the problem of inconsistent and inefficient email writing. Many businesses struggle to maintain a coherent and effective email style across their teams and departments. Ant Text allows you to create and store email templates that reflect your brand identity and message.

Helping users save time and improve their email quality. Users can access their templates from any device and insert them into their Outlook emails with one click. Allowing users to customize their templates with merge fields, attachments, imagery, and much more.

Ant Text is a Microsoft 365 add-in that integrates with your Outlook. You can create your own templates or choose from a library of ready-made templates for various purposes and industries. You can also share your templates with your colleagues and collaborate on them. Ant Text is the ultimate tool for professional email communication.

Improving Email Templates with:

  • Easy and customizable branding
  • Personalization of emails with merge fields
  • Sharing templates with associates
  • Ensuring quality and consistency in your emails
  • Management of campaigns and newsletters
  • Automatic email response actions


Ant XL:
With Ant XL you can send personalized emails to your clients, based on data in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, from your own email account. Ant XL enables you to send up to 1000 emails, making it great for bulk emails.

Ant Text in your Outlook calendar:
Create appointments, organize meetings, schedule groups, and send invitations to your relations. Ant Text is integrated into Outlook Calendar so you can add your own company visual identity to your appointments and schedules with professional and consistent templates.

Ant Text Merge fields:
Merge fields are input fields you can put in your templates. Helping you with personalizing emails. This way, you can have a template and use it over and over again, while changing different pieces of information, such as the name of the recipient or any important date.

Ant Text Out of Office:
Use the Ant Text Out of Office feature when you are going on a vacation or a business trip. This way you can make sure that you won't be disturbed, and your clients will get an email notifying them you will get back to them as soon as possible.

Ant Text Share Folder:
If you are a business or similar, it’s useful to be able to share your “Ant Text” templates with colleagues. This will be able to ensure brand and communication consistency. Moreover, Ant Text feature Share Folder will let you share any or all of your folders with your co-workers.


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