Percolate Content Manager

Autor: Percolate Industries

Plan, create, and deliver exceptional marketing content and campaigns.

View connected Percolate content briefs from within Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel so that content authors can create exceptional marketing assets with their authoring tools of choice.

The Percolate Add-in brings critical strategic marketing information closer to the content author with seamless in-app accessibility of Percolate content briefs, metadata, workflows, due dates and tasks. All of this valuable information is displayed directly within the Office environment to ensure the content production is on-brief and on-time.

Product marketers can start the planning process in Percolate with the creation and mapping of content deliverables for associated Office documents. These deliverables can then be assigned to content authors who can leverage the templates, collaboration, versioning, and editing that they are accustomed to within Office. Once the content has been completed, Percolate manages the downstream approval, sharing, and publishing processes that may be required as part of the content marketing workflow.


  • View the Percolate metadata of connected Office content
  • View the workflow stages and delivery timelines needed for connected content
  • Manage the Percolate tasks associated with the connected content
  • Open the connected content in Percolate


  • An active, properly configured Percolate environment
  • A valid Percolate user account
  • All documents linked with Percolate must be stored in OneDrive

Percolate is the leading Content Marketing Platform for the enterprise. Percolate offers solutions to manage the production of campaigns and content. The world’s leading brands use Percolate to gain visibility into marketing activities, coordinate project management, and standardize complex processes.

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