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Jibble - Time & Attendance Tracking


Track time & attendance through simple commands with the Jibble bot for MS Teams.

The Jibble bot allows you to track time and attendance for your team through commands without having to leave MS Teams. Use Jibble for client billing, payroll, work productivity, project costing or simply to see who's working and on what.

Add to Jibble to MS teams by signing up on app.jibble.io. Once you have integrated Jibble with MS Teams, you will be all set to start tracking your team’s hours.

Your team can track time by interacting with the jibble bot using the IN or OUT commands. When they start work or switch activity they jibble in and when they finish work they simply jibble out.  They can add optional notes/tasks against their entry so time spent on a specific task can be tracked.  The team admin will need to create activities (or projects) from within the Jibble app first.  

An overview of your weekly timesheet can be retrieved by using the TIMES command with a more detailed daily log available with the LOG command

Just because a team member appears offline/unavailable in MS Teams, doesn't mean they're not working. Check who's currently working with the ALL command

There's a lot more you can do too.  For example, if you want to track time spent on client work for invoicing purposes, then enable the Client Billing power-up from the Power-ups page in the web app.  This will allow for client selection when a team member tries to jibble in.  Very useful reporting and attendance stats and alerts are also available from within the web app.  Check the help articles for more info.  

We're building more features into Jibble everyday but we'd love to hear your comments. Use CONTACT [your message goes here…]

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