Azure Lab Services

Microsoft Corporation

Computer labs in the cloud

Azure Lab Services is a managed cloud service that enables educators and IT to easily roll out cost-efficient labs with customizable virtual machines, without having to master the complexities of setting up cloud infrastructure.

Azure Lab Services helps to quickly create virtual lab environments and enables to easily run a class, set up a training lab, or host a hackathon in the cloud so that users can access lab resources from anywhere, anytime.

Azure Lab Services provides the following key capabilities –

· Simple User Experience – Provide immediate access to VMs for invited users. With one click users can connect and start working - no Azure subscription needed.

· Flexibility – Use thousands of Azure Marketplace images or bring in your custom images to quickly provision lab VMs and use repeatedly across labs.

· Cost Optimization and Tracking – Manage your lab budget with usage control features. Schedule designated usage times or set up recurring auto-shutdowns and start times. Track individuals’ hourly usage or limit usage by setting up quotas.

· Automatic Management and Scaling - Provisioning and scaling to hundreds of VMs with a single click, with the service managing all underlying infrastructure.

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