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Store your important links in one place, view them at many!

This app contains a web part with several views to display links, as well as SharePoint lists to store the links in. Each web part added to your pages will look at the same lists. So even when you delete web parts, your important links will be kept.

You can show your links in different views: the “Accordion” view shows a large set of links grouped per category. The “Side” view uses a side panel to show the Accordion view, enabling your users to work on the page while having their most important links available in the side panel. The “Tiles” view shows the links as tiles which is a much asked for way of displaying content in SharePoint pages.

Each link will have its own icon. The icon set used is the "Office UI Fabric icons" found here: An icon picker is included in this app to ease selecting an icon for a link. To ensure visual consistency in your site(s) colors and titles can be configured on a per link basis. Users can select their own favorite links which will retain between sessions, making this a very handy addition to your site for every day’s use. The client web app is rendered natively in your page, so no Iframes or sub webs required, making this fully responsive in both desktop, mobile and tablet browsers.

This app targets all sites in need of showing links, but is particular useful in Intranet scenario's. All required components are automatically installed when deploying this app, including some links to get you started!

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