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Automate RFP responses directly within Office and leverage the Avnio AI assistant

Respond to RFPs, RFIs, DDQs, Security Questionnaires directly within Office. By taking “repetitive” out of “repetitive task”, you can focus on what’s important when working on responses.

Empowering your business users by giving them access to the Avnio knowledge library means:

- They can quickly answer RFPs or Questionnaires that don’t require collaboration

- Get a first draft of the response completed faster, so that the sales process can proceed quicker than ever before

- Provide an up-to-date view of where you are in the process to every team member

- Users never have to worry about not being on-brand with messaging again

Avnio for Office picks up the rest of the work and makes responding to RFPs a breeze.

- Upload information to a new RFP project within Avnio in seconds, using Avi Auto-Configure

- Highlight the first category, and Avi Auto-Configure will deal with the rest

- Drag and drop answers from your knowledge library into your document with ease

This add-in is beneficial for any bid writers, RFP teams, or proposal teams who like to work directly in Office. Without needing to leave the Office environment, you can respond to RFPs and questionnaires like never before.

This application requires an active subscription to Avnio RFx. To learn more, please click here

Disclaimer: We currently do not support Internet Explorer browser 11

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