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Frictionless watermarking within Office

ezMark greatly simplifies watermarking within MS Office.

Publish to PDF and apply custom watermarks to all the pages of the document with ease, and have them dynamically updated based on keywords. Design  your own watermark templates using our integrated WYSIWYG editor or using a PowerPoint slide. Share with the rest of your organization for consistency.

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  • Productivity - Greatly speeds up and simplifies watermarking
  • Brand consistency - Detailed control of watermark design for better looking watermarks in line with your brand
  • Increase security - With easy access to watermarking, use it often to make people more accountable and documents more traceable

Key Features

  • Mass watermark pages - Allows rapid watermarking for a quick and frictionless share and publish experience
  • Secure watermark - ezMark uses several novel techniques to make it more difficult to remove your watermark
  • Define your watermark with ease - Quickly and easily design and lay out your watermarks to match your brand profile. Use custom formatting and images* to spice up your watermark
  • Watermark templates for quick access - Create watermark templates for quick reuse and share it with others
  • Dynamic watermarking - Use dynamic keywords in your watermarks to individually customize them based on keywords

*Images are only available for certain subscription types. Check out the full feature list here for further details:

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