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Virtual care platform with configurable services and patient workflows.

Combine the Solo virtual care platform with Microsoft Teams for your organization.

Using Solo, you and your team can:

- View your patient queue. The queue is shared among all practitioners in the same service.

- View your clinical services. You can view all services within your organization you are a member of. A service link can be shared with patients enabling them to request an appointment.

- View your patients. You may view the list of people who have appointments in services where you practice. You can click on a patient to see their previous and upcoming Solo visits, as well as schedule new appointments.

- View encounters. You may also view the list of completed telehealth appointments.

- View care locations. This is the list of telehealth devices you can connect to. Teladoc devices include the Vita, Vantage, Vici, Lite and Mini. Only devices enabled for your organization and available to you will be shown. Using care locations is an optional part of Solo.

- Schedule and start an appointment. Appointments can be scheduled by the patient or by the care team. To schedule an appointment, you can start by selecting either a service or a patient. Once the patient is checked into the appointment you can click the patient in the queue to join the visit in Solo.

- See the patient profile during the appointment. Click the Solo app on the top right of the in-session appointment to see the patient profile.

- Use native Teams notifications. In the settings section of your Solo profile you may enable Solo to send native Teams notifications when patients have arrived.

If you have the practice admin role you can also:

- Create clinical services. Services are typically based on specialty and define the patient and provider populations that will be working together.

- Configure service options including intake. Set options such as clinic hours, visit windows, appointment parameters and patient and clinician appointment notifications.

Your patients will:

- Click a link to request an appointment. If you have shared a general visit request link for your service, patients will be able to click the link to request and register for an appointment. Patients will receive a visit link via SMS or email.

- Join an appointment. At the time of their appointment your patients will use the link they received to check in and start their virtual appointment from their device via a web-based patient experience, powered by Teams interoperability, built specifically for the telehealth workflow. Downloading Teams is not required.

To have access to Solo, users must have active Solo accounts from their organization and their virtual care practice must be configured for use with Teams.

Solo includes the ability to text an invitation to patients. This Solo Teams app is available in the U.S. and is not compatible with international phone numbers.

If your hospital or health system is interested in getting started with the Solo virtual care platform you can click [here]( to contact Teladoc Health.

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