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HR Timesheet App – A modern online timesheet management software powered by Microsoft SharePoint.

SharePoint SPFx (Client-side) web part - Beyond Intranet's SharePoint-powered HR Timesheet app is a comprehensive solution for tracking and recording the time spent by employees on tasks and projects during a specific period. With its easy-to-use and interactive user interfaces, the HR Timesheet software enables you and your team to effectively track, monitor, manage, and plan projects and time. Gain insights into your employee’s time utilization, leading to improved time management, budgeting, and cost savings.

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Key Features of Timesheet Application

  • Project Management: Efficiently create, organize, and manage projects and their activities with SharePoint Timesheet Software.
  • Task Creation and Assignment: Easily create tasks and assign them to team members.
  • Daily/Weekly Time Recording: Record time on a daily or weekly basis, offering flexibility in time tracking.
  • Comprehensive Reports: Generate detailed reports for analysis and insights.
  • Enhanced Reports: View, print, or export reports with customizable filters.
  • Multiple User Views: Admin, Project Manager/Creator, and User (Team Member) views for different roles.
  • Unlimited Projects and Tasks: No limitations on the number of projects or tasks you can handle.
  • Power BI Integration: Seamlessly integrate with Power BI for advanced data visualization.
  • Time Tracking and Approval Delegation: Track and manage time spent on tasks, with delegation of approval responsibilities.
  • Customizable Email Notifications: Personalize email notifications to keep your team informed with online timesheet software.
  • Past Week’s Reports: Allow users to submit reports for previous weeks if needed.
  • Edit Approved Time Sheets: Admin and program managers can edit approved time sheets when required.
  • Drafts Display: Easily access and view drafts in the weekly timesheet tab.
  • Total Hours Row: Added total hours row in various reports for quick reference and analysis.

Benefits of Employee Timesheet Software -

  • Transparent Project Monitoring
  • Resource Allocation and Planning
  • Compliance and Documentation
  • Easy-to-Use Solution
  • Microsoft Approved App
  • Secure & Compliant
  • Regular Product Updates

Beyond Intranet Advantage:

Beyond Intranet is a Microsoft gold partner, with over 16 years of experience in providing Microsoft technology solutions. We have:

  • A dedicated team of SharePoint developers.
  • In-app ticketing system for support.
  • 1 Hour of FREE support for configuring and troubleshooting.
  • Expertise in providing SharePoint/M365-based solutions.

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