Ventla for PowerPoint and Excel

Autor: Ventla AB

Presentation of Ventla Dialogue questions in your PowerPoint presentations and Excel workbooks.

Extend your Ventla experience by displaying the responses to your Ventla Dialogue questions directly inside your PowerPoint presentation and Excel workbooks.

This Office Add-in requires an active Ventla subscription.

Ventla is an event software for all your events. A platform for meetings, conferences, communities, professional development, travel groups, recruitment, information, and creativity. Attendees from all audiences can feel included and involved while having the flexibility to access while on-the-go within a mobile application. With real-time notifications and updates, administrators can drive the audience to be engaged while connecting with one another in a secure and collaborative space. So you can create a culture where ideas can be shared.

If you want to learn more about Ventla please contact us at or visit our web page at

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