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AI.Monitor is Ethical, Transparent, and Understandable AI detection.

Students you are probably a little annoyed that your teacher has directed you to this application. I know, I know your trustworthy. Trust me, I believe you. But since the release of AI on the world your instructor trusts you a little less. You see, AI.Monitor is an AI detector designed to capture data while you write your essay making sure that the best of you never feels a little bit tempted to cheat, not that you ever would. Sorry were not going to tell you exactly what were looking at or AI.Monitors AI detecting secrets, but just know, that in background AI.Monitor is watching your every move, its almost like having Big Brother looking over your shoulder, cause He is. So just go ahead and write but don't cheat, because if you do, your friendly classroom AI detector, AI.Monitor, will know.

Happy writing!


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