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Connect your Microsoft Teams channels with your SYNQ MyStore service.

**This app is not free to use without an online account on SYNQ's Frontline Hero portal.**

SYNQ Frontline Hero is a Microsoft Teams app that contains several modules aimed at empowering frontline workers (FLW) across retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. At SYNQ, we’re about helping FLWs operate more efficiently, improve communication, and drive accountability towards providing a better customer experience.

SYNQ Frontline Hero connects your Microsoft Teams instance to SYNQ’s various FLW modules, including:

* **Pick & Go**: SYNQ has developed the patented “buy in store pick up now” (BISPUN) methodology for SKU level shopping in a physical retail store. Reduce shrink, increase sales, and improve the customer experience.

* **Digital Call Buttons**: Transition from dated, analog call buttons that notify everyone within earshot, and instead opt for digital call buttons that provide FLWs with context-specific help requests and drives accountability.

* **Text for Help**: Many people want to interact with businesses via text, but almost no businesses provide the tools to do so. Frontline Hero Text for Help allows people to interact with FLWs via text, while the FLWs can respond and interact without ever leaving teams.

* **Curbside**: Opting for curbside pickup makes the customer or patient inherently digital, but we’re still giving them an analog last mile. With Frontline Hero Curbside, make the pickup experience digital, respecting the customer’s time and providing valuable data on your curbside program.

* **Security**: Integrate Microsoft Teams notifications directly with your loss prevention technology like EAS gates and CCTV so the correct team members are notified immediately of any issues.

* **Digital Queuing**: There’s no need to rely on paper or plastic chits for queues in stores or medical clinics. Make this process digital with SYNQ Frontline Hero and Microsoft Teams.

**Please note SMS Text messaging services are currently only available for phone numbers based in the United States and Canada.

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