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The right knowledge. From the right people. At the right time.

How it works

Help your employees connect to expert knowledge from anywhere in your business, whenever they need it.

Starmind’s powerful AI analyzes the millions of data points your teams create every day to build a secure, real-time Expertise Directory for your organization fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft365 and Outlook.

Powered by AI, built for human connection

When an employee has a question, Starmind connects them in real-time to colleagues with the exact expertise they need — no matter their title or location.

Unlocking the pace of AI innovation for your business

As a business, you can now use your own private Large Language Model and Generative AI platform, with instant human expert verification to drive faster and smarter decision-making and streamline critical processes across your organization.

StarGPT by Starmind is the only enterprise-ready Generative AI experience with built-in, on-demand expert verification.

Use Cases

Learn how the Starmind platform drives success.

Starmind for R&D teams

Global R&D organizations get to market faster and reduce product development costs by capitalizing on company-wide specialist expertise in real time. Learn more

Starmind for sales organizations

Global sales organizations increase win-rates and close deals faster with Starmind by capitalizing on organization-wide expertise in real time. Learn more

Starmind for internal service centers

Internal service centers increase efficiency and improve performance by leveraging instant access to organization-wide expertise and freeing up resources for growth. Learn more

Get in touch

We’re always ready to help, with support tailored to your business needs. Speak to the team to get started with a tailored Starmind pricing plan.

This app may contain AI-generated content or AI-powered expert selection. If you have any objections or feedback to AI-generated content or AI-powered expert selection or feedback in general please contact us.

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