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Chat widget with link to the team channel for direct communication.

WebChat offers efficient integration of chat widgets on websites for direct communication with end customers.

The conversation takes place seamlessly between Microsoft Teams and the chat widget, without the need to open an additional browser window.

The responsible employees are managed via the roles and policies of Microsoft Teams and therefore require no further user administration.

The configuration allows, for example, the adjustment of response times, colors (corporate design), and more.

Different widgets can be used for different teams or channels in order to offer targeted and topic-related contacts for an optimized conversation.

Examples of such channels could be

  • department-dependent team channels (sales/HR/support)
  • Product-dependent team channels (with different contact persons for product groups)
  • Language-dependent team channels

The setup is done in a few steps:

  1. add the webchat to the desired team channel.
  2. test the configuration on the setup page
  3. optimize and individualize the settings on the setup page
  4. integrate the chat widget into your own website using a simple code snippet.

One license represents one configured team channel, regardless of the number of employees.

The user who adds the WebChat into a channel requires a license.

This license is linked to the channel and authorizes the use of a widget.

The license is independent of how many people have access to the channel.

The person who added the WebChat can appoint further administrators for the WebChat, but only the person who added the WebChat needs a license.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Inwebco team.






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  • Posílat data přes internet
  • Tato aplikace má přístup k osobním informacím v aktivní zprávě, jako jsou telefonní čísla, poštovní adresy nebo adresy URL. Aplikace může tato data posílat službě třetí strany. Ostatní položky ve vaší poštovní schránce se nedají přečíst ani upravit.

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