KPI Grid by MAQ Software


3.4 (22)

Display data in hierarchical order with options to separate categories and illustrate trends.


KPI Grid by MAQ Software allows users to track productivity and performance data by displaying key data in hierarchical order. Users can specify the time periods shown, making gauging performance according to internal deadlines and benchmarks easy.  ​

Business Use Cases:

  • Sales - Measure upselling success, quotation conversion, year-over-year sales, and other sales performance metrics
  • Marketing - Measure bounce rate, click-through rate, and other marketing performance metrics
  • Human Resources - Create and staff advocacy scores, diversity indexes, and other operational metrics

  • IT - Track cost variance, schedule variance, and project status
  • Finance - Track profit margin and operating profit margin

Key Features:

  • Include custom images such as rising or falling arrows

  • Include separators between columns, highlighting certain categories for quick comparison
  • Change row background colors, text size, and text color

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Thank you for using KPI Grid by MAQ Software. 

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