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KPI Column by MAQ Software


3.8 (18)

Line and Column chart that measures progress toward key performance indicator (KPI) targets

KPI Column by MAQ Software is a combination of a line and column chart where each column value changes color depending on its relation to a target line value. Columns represent performance and lines represent KPI targets.

KPI Column by MAQ Software has many business applications including measuring sales, revenue, or profit data against target values.

Key features:

  • Include an optional target value that's common for all columns.
  • Represent forecasted data in columns, using the same target line.
  • Display forecasted columns in a translucent color to differentiate from actual values.

What's new in 3.2.6:

  • Added support for Custom Report tooltip

For any feature requests or questions about this visual, please send an e-mail to our team at support@maqsoftware.com.

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