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Highlight gaps, clusters, and outliers in your data | PBI certified

View data through multiple categories and subcategories. Dot Plot by MAQ Software displays data points (bubbles) plotted on an X/Y axis and distributed over a specified set of values. The size of the bubble represents the magnitude, and its color represents the category. Users can break data down across several parent and child categories, a significant improvement over other dot plot diagrams.

Business Uses:

  • Sales – Display multidimensional sales data such as sales volume per year over various regions
  • Marketing – Display a campaign’s effectiveness across various regions and demographics
  • Hospitality – Break down the popularity of different hotels in the same chain based on location, revenue, and seasonality

Key Features:

  • Support for selection and multi-selection with partial highlighting
  • Different bubble colors for different categories
  • Customizable bubble size
  • Bubble animation on click
  • Support for context menu

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