3AG Systems – Column Chart With Upper and Lower Bounds

3AG Systems

Quickly identify out-of-bounds column chart entries.

Column Chart with Upper and Lower Bounds highlights data points that either above/below a user-defined upper/lower bound. The visualization is meant for showing out-of-range values, and can be applied to financial, operations and other use cases (for example budgeting or machine vibration).

Customization options include resizing the data label font sizes, adjusting units (to thousands-K, Millions-M, Billions-B), inverting out-of-bounds colors and adjusting decimal places on labels.

This visualization is ideal for ensuring that actual results fit within pre-defined ranges.

Funkce vizuálu
Když se tento vizuál použije, může
  • Má přístup k externím službám nebo prostředkům.
  • https://store-images.s-microsoft.com/image/apps.32127.40c0b8cd-46fa-4881-b21a-81f6d126b6d6.852fe1cb-a337-4008-8f6f-8af89094ec12.1b832250-ec58-49e4-8078-72a913f2c050.png