Google Maps for Power BI

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Google Maps for Power BI


  • Interactive Mapping: Utilize Google Maps within Power BI for dynamic data visualization
  • Category Colors and Filtering: Highlight and filter data points for detailed analysis
  • Satellite and Street Views: Switch between map and street views for comprehensive location insights
  • Map-Based Filtering: Use the map to filter results and analyze specific data regions
  • Step Back Functionality: Navigate back in map history for comparative data analysis
  • Customizable Marker Shapes: Select different marker shapes for better data representation
  • Auto Zoom: Automatically adjust map zoom to encompass all or selected data points
  • Point and Radius Search: Find locations and analyze data within specific radii
  • Heatmap Layer: Visualize data density with heatmap overlays
  • Show Map Legend: Display a legend on the map for easier interpretation of data
  • Large Dataset Handling: Efficiently manage datasets exceeding 30,000 rows
  • Google Places Integration: Search for places and access detailed information, including Street View


1-Page Configuration Guide

Full Configuration Guide 

PRO Version Guide 


    • You may need to purchase a paid Google Maps Key or use a Trial version of Google Maps Key.
    • Google Maps Key with Enabled "Maps JavaScriptAPI" and "Places API"


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