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Offer viewers the power of interactive and dynamic Excel-like tables

Every now and then we all use tables in our Power BI reports. You probably use them to create context boxes, drill down a simple hierarchy or add some other detail to your visualizations. Power BI Tables offer great general functionality but when it comes to custom grouping, ordering or pivoting for example they lack the power and freedom for the viewers.


Are you ready to turn the tables?

With the SuperTables extension for Power BI, you can offer your viewers the power of interactive and dynamic Excel-like tables that allow users to decide how to organize and analyze their data in a flexible grid using the features just like in Excel without leaving Power BI! Enrich your reports with the SuperTables extension for PowerBI and allow your visitors to do their own analysis with the summarized data of your visualizations.

Let your users group data, use inline filters on columns, expand rows and create pivot tables. This fast performing table enriches your report with extra context to your visualizations without any boundaries. It makes sure your calculations on aggregated data are correct.


Get started!

Learn more about the SuperTables extension here: :

Learn how to quickly set it up with our Product Guide:



We recommend to use a maximum of 30k rows for optimal performance. Anything above 30k rows makes the visual slower due to limitations from the Microsoft API.


The free version of this extension is limited to 100 rows. To experience a 1 month fully functional trial, use the 'buy now' button. If this is unavailable for you, request a trial here:


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